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The Optimistic Pessimist June 28, 2009

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Happy for Herman Miller chair to sit on

Happy for Herman Miller chair to sit on

One of the ways I’m trying to cope with ennui is to do something silly, something I usually deem too boh liao to do. 

So originally, I had this zany idea of creating a “cockeyed optimist” photo series of people around me cockeyed. However, test shots proved that I was unable to look cockeyed AND optimistic simultaneously. It was either cockeyed/deranged or optimistic/shifty-eyed. Thus, Plan B came about.

Please join my Happy Hairband movement by: 

1) Wearing the above hairband upon my request. (Will sanitize after each wearer) 

2) Smile as darn happily as you can. 

3) Tell me something you are happy about. 

Thank you!!!


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