mental indigestion

The Last Time that….. May 24, 2009

Filed under: In a blur,Life in general — mel @ 9:55 pm

1) …I played a Beer Game and oh was a little tipsy too which explains the hyena-like giggle towards the end of the clip and I had to pee a lot after that while the German girls sharing the dorm with me slept throughout the night, even with glass smashing pub brawls. 

2)…Kimmy recognised me before she was given away to that nice, indulgent family that treats her like a princess which has resulted in a total personality transformation where she only sleeps in an air-conditioned room with human presence and goes into furious whiny fits if you as much show a glimpse of a camera in her face. 

(Found these video clips while clearing my old laptop – realised these moments will never return and I should really start recording things more often.)


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