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It’ll always be Ella May 17, 2009

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After borrowing all the “mainstream” DVDs from the school library including High School Musical (I heart Zac Efron!) I’ve proceeded to the documentaries and the first one I zoomed in on was Ella Fitzgerald: The Legendary First Lady of Song.

Hearing Ella sing “I get a kick out of you” on my very first jazz CD compilation I bought way back in ’97 is what made me enjoy, no wait, obsess, over old school jazz for a good few years, the only thing that could get me through ‘A’ level mugging. Her voice – just pure unadulterated raw singing talent and a soul which interpreted each song with an entrancing blend of streetwise sassiness and sad innocence. There has really been no female singer quite like her, though it is through her that I have also come to love the other jazz dames like Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, Judy Garland and Nina Simone.

This documentary reminded me of her perennial magic. I love it that youtube has some wonderful footage of her live performances because she is even more amazing there than the recordings and I only wish I had been born a little earlier to catch one of her concerts. My favourite video clip is a duet she has with Frank Sinatra where you see a hint of her shyness and cheekiness. Enjoy!


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