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Dream come true March 5, 2009

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In this season of failed ventures and dashed hopes, it’s been a real morale boost when my husband excitedly burst the news that he was chosen as one of PDN’s 30 New and Emerging Photographers for 2009. In the photography world, this is a Big Deal (kind of like the Best New Artist in the Grammy Awards except urm there’s a bunch of them), and even more so for him as he was the only one picked from Asia.  

While my spouse’s shopping and hygiene habits leave much to be desired, his work ethic has always been something I’ve utmost respect for. In essence, it’s summed up as: no excuses for failing/procrastinating, trying and trying and trying again, putting in 150% into every project big or small.  If I get spiritual about it, then the Big Guy and/or Photographic Muse really digs his efforts, and has granted him one of his lifelong dreams. 

Thank you for the sign.


8 Responses to “Dream come true”

  1. Jean Says:

    Congratulations, Darren. Onward and upward!

  2. pinny Says:

    SO COOL!! Congrats! Must be lovely living in a creative household!

  3. Joan Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Awesome work there, Darren. 🙂

  4. melch Says:

    D. says thank yous to the well wishes 🙂

  5. almostgotit Says:

    What terrific and happy news! Pass on my congrats, also.

  6. Vanessa Says:

    This is awesome news. Well done!

  7. slumbering girl Says:

    oh this really quite late, but i only jus read this blogpost. congrats to darren!!!!

  8. melch Says:

    Heh ok will pass the message slumbering!

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