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Signs that…. February 8, 2009

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Things are wearing out

– Chomping on sticky chewy toffee causes front tooth to chip. Disturbingly, I actually ate that chipped part thinking I had a sandy candy (made in China what) and then only realising the little hole in front later. I ran to the dentist wailing (I’ve had repeated nightmares on this and it really happened. This is the 2nd tooth-based nightmare to come true) and he was kind of biting his lip trying not to laugh as he patched it up with white filling. I eat apples with my incisors now.

– Drinking just a teensy weensy bit of alcohol gives the tonne-of-bricks kind of headache the next day, even if it’s just a sip without getting anywhere near remotely high. That’s not fair!

Times are bad

– A security guard beseeches us not to put our handbags behind our backs at a restuarant because “there are lots of pickpockets now”.

– A  lady carrying a huge bag hounds me for $8. Ausipicious number, I guess.

– Jewellery sales staff are biting their nails while standing outside their shops.

– Not enough seats during church service.


4 Responses to “Signs that….”

  1. mrdes Says:

    Times are bad = not enough seats during church service…haha.

  2. woollendrums Says:

    ack! Hope your tooth is ok?! btw, I’m thinking of switching to WP too – was wondering how you’re finding it as a blogsite and if loading pics are easy/ is there a free feed to LJ?

  3. melch Says:

    Hey Sher, not great in giving IT advice but WP is an easy platform to use and much more aesthetically pleasing than LJ 🙂 Loading pics are a breeze (either through a flickr acct or just upload to the media library), not sure about the free feed.

  4. melch Says:

    Hey Des, I believe there was an ST article on this as well. I guess when the crunch comes, people begin to really think about non-tangible things huh?

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