mental indigestion

Another plane January 21, 2009

Filed under: Life in general — mel @ 9:52 pm

Having met someone who is living in an even more alien planet than I am makes me realise why people who don’t get me sometimes become so frustrated and sometimes even affronted.

Just like I will never ever get this particular person and it’s making me rip my hair apart.

And we humans do strange things when there is that communication vacuum. We may think the best of the person or worst of that person but we never ever ever get that person right.

From here, this could go various ways. We can go along with our deluded impression of that person to maintain stability of our views of the world and the types of people living in it, or we could chase after these question marks.

While people find it so incredibly touching that Jesus had rowdy dinners with taxpayers and prostitutes (which to me, sounds more like a social-label-defying-sport but with wine included), what I find more amazing is that He tolerated these annoying, attention-seeking disciples with a full range of opposing personalities, insecurities and political ambitions. Imagine having to travel with these wussies and their fussy food requests, having them flake on you constantly, having them constantly put their self-interests before yours. And yet He spent the time and effort to know them and love them. He became familiar with their souls, imperfect as they may be.

As a blemished and rather weary soul myself, it’s hard to muster up the energy and effort to try to understand other soul(s) with Totally Different Ideas and Totally Far-Out Ways. A realization that there’s another “practice what you preach” pointer blinking in front of my eyes – after all these years of spewing rhetoric on how society needs to accept more variety besides just the mainstream, I in turn need to find the patience and openness to accept it when others don’t choose to do things the “usual” way.


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