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The first two weeks of 2009… January 13, 2009

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Sala Night by Anthony Levi Kho

… have been rather exhausting.

Firstly,  D. and I have quite randomly launched into an intensive exercise programme in late December. As such, my weekly exercise regime consists of 2 swimming sessions, 4 “trotting”  (I don’t think I jog quite yet) sessions and 2 cycling sessions, which is a loadful considering I didn’t do much for most of last year. For the latter – due to other friends’ random, sudden resolutions to cycle (and hence bicycle shopping), I have suddenly found myself with another new toy –  a bicycle with butterflies but do not scoff, for some people have told me it looks quite “fierce”.

Secondly, everything else is just so so so busy and so so so speedy I am trying trying trying to catch up. The exercise bit is actually kind of good, because it gives me some air time to clear my mind, and the endorphins make me feel so much less grumpier about the craziness of this Singaporean life.

There are plans to go for a little solo trip somewhere next month. I think I am quite due for complete solitude.


2 Responses to “The first two weeks of 2009…”

  1. Joan Says:

    I’m desperate for solitude too. WHere are you thinking of going for your holiday?

  2. […] I did manage to scoot off somewhere on my own and I did rest a whole lot there, going to bed around 9pm every night with naps in the late morning […]

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