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It’s all there November 29, 2008

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Finally - beyond the concrete.

Finally - beyond the concrete.

There’s really no excuse not to exercise less than three times a week when:

– there’s a free gym, and even a free staff gym at my door step if I am scared of the smelly student gym (30 steps)

– a mostly empty Olympic- size swimming pool that is sparkling clear at the door step of my office (30 steps).

– a huge-ass nature trail with mangrove swamp, boardwalk and monkeys at the doorstep of my office building (40 steps).

– a staff shower area with heater if I am scared of smelly student showers.

– a huge ass nature park near my place facing the the sea (3 min drive).

– a peaceful, 2km trail near my house leading to huge ass park. Some may call it a walk by the longkang but if you are imaginative it can be a Stroll along the Riveria (overall, a 30 min walk).

– cycling tracks left, right, centre somebody please get me a bike already (can it be light blue please?)

– unlimited lessons of pilates, yoga, social dancing, body combat and weekly tennis sessions offered at my workplace (FREE OF CHARGE LEH).

– a colourful, cheerful huge ass fitness corner at my place which cost a couple of million dollars to build (I know that because a cab driver told me and said I was so lucky to be living near there). During the few times I take a lazy lumber there post dinner, some folks looking suspiciously over 50 (but with a wii fitness level of 20) were vigorously swinging themselves on the cross trainers, doing multiple, proper chin ups and even handstands by the bars (ala Russian gymnasts) which made me feel so absolutely out of shape.

– totally weird places to explore such as the Singapore-Malaysia border with chain-smoking men fishing at trans border waters, prisons with friendly security guards who ask you if you are having a nice day, an actual ashram where you can spot peaceful-looking people watering plants and American naval base houses with snowman statues wearing sun shades under a palm tree adorned with Christmas baubles.



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