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Somehow: A Driving Miracle November 8, 2008

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Parking Retard

Pre-miracle: Parking Retard

A little miracle happened in the past two weeks.

Remember the issues I have with driving? Well, one really random day, I just felt I wanted to drive by myself. Which is totally unexpected, because years of guilt-tripping/yelling to become a proper “chauffeur” had just landed on deaf ears. I was comfortable driving with accompanied guidance. But somehow, when D. had to leave for an overseas shoot I thought, “Now wouldn’t it be nice if I could drop him off whenever he had to go to the airport?” And also, the travel bug leftover from S.Africa made me remember how happy I was driving around Wilsons Prom/New Zealand, what a sense of exploration it gave me.  So while he was away, I told him I was going to use the car. “Better not, better not!” he said worriedly (re: previous scratch from not being able to park straight). But I just felt I had to.

So despite a few little minor boo boos here and there e.g. walking off without applying the handbrake, pressing the brake instead of the accelerator and wondering why I wasn’t moving etc. I got to Point As – Point Bs somehow.

The most miraculous thing of all, which even D. can’t fathom, is that I can park properly now. (“How did you ever get from parking retard to parking straight straight?”) Heck I even parallel parked once in a crowded residential area. And I  can’t figure out how I do it.  I only know if that there’s no one around, I can park swiftly, accurately even. I never use any techniques like urm looking whether I’m within the line, it’s just pure gut feel. However, if there are some impatient buggers behind me, I tend to get a little…wavy. I get the feeling that I also may not be able to park as well with judgemental D. or screamy mummy next to me too.

So now, I can drive/park in non-peak hours/areas alone everyday.  Which is progress, though it feels like I have an imaginary friend, or secret super power which only appears when there’s no one around so no one quite believes me.


4 Responses to “Somehow: A Driving Miracle”

  1. Joan Says:

    Well done about the parking. 🙂

  2. Jam Says:

    Volvo wagon FTW…

  3. melch Says:

    joan: thanks for um believing 😉

    jam: let’s start off first with parking my tiny suzuki swift WITH people around yah?

  4. bunnie Says:

    its called…

    poopieeee powerrrrrrrrr…. 😀

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