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TIA October 17, 2008

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I feel like we are a pair of red-neck swagus (country bumpkins) in a continent that we’ve never been to before, and of course, that means getting ripped off by a “porter” at the Johannesburg Airport and D. having a very bad bout of hay fever (something in the African soil) for the first two days until someone gave him some super antihistamine called Neo Citran. 

Safety seems to be a very major issue so Vanessa seems reluctant to let us roam about on our own, and even when her chauffeur brought us around Durban city he kept telling us to please try not to get robbed and regaled us with tales of him getting attacked. 

I’m still trying to make sense and digest things as the culture is here is so different from anything I’ve experienced before. But one thing is for sure, D. and I really love the animals here. We went to a kick-ass aquarium here that beats every other aquarium I’ve been to hands down (even the Chicago one) and yesterday, we went for our first African Safari at Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park and had a  blast animal-spotting and riding on an open top game vehicle. It’s such a beautiful country. And finally, I knew what I had written about when doing this book project last year (where I had to pretend that South African Luxury Safari Lodges were my second home). 

Meet my two favourite animals, Mr Elephant and Mr Rhino. They are so cute.

Mr White Rhino   Mr Hungry Elephant


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