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Reunion October 12, 2008

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2001 (Columbia, Missouri)

2001 (Columbia, Missouri)

Ah, the iconic “friendship” picture I have of Vanessa Gurie and I.

When she first met me, she thought I was this cold, unfriendly bitch (shy lah).

When I first met Vanessa, I thought she was waaaay too friendly and seemed to be talking all the time.

In the end, we ended up being roommates at Stafford Hall for six months. Her Disney-like optimism rubbed off me which is why I think that was probably one of the happiest periods of my life. In turn, I think I gave her a fair share of good ol’ Singaporean angsty-ness to make her just a little more balanced. (There are only so many ‘awesomes’ you can say in a day.)

Later, we became global buddies.

In 2004, she came over for a visit to Singapore en route London to Adelaide for a few days.

In 2005, she came over to visit me in Melbourne from Adelaide. Twice.

In 2006, we had a quick coffee at Changi Airport while she was on on transit  (Adelaide – Durban).

And finally, in 2008, it’s my turn (about time) to visit her in her beloved South Africa (a pact we made in 2001) for her wedding no less.

I can’t wait!


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