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Bread and butter October 10, 2008

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Oh my, what a lot has happened since I last blogged.

The world’s economy is in turmoil, and my financial advisor came bearing grim news regarding a certain hefty “low-risk” investment I had made a few years ago. And also the usual stuff about how I am so far off from my retirement target blah blah blah.

I am not good with numbers. But when she crunched those numbers, I felt my heart sink.

And then I started to get all bread and buttery about things.

Especially since the day my mum chooses to downgrade her hospital plan (to save on premiums), she almost coincidentally gets warded (but she’s ok now) and I felt awful seeing her not cope well in a 6-bedder ward. She’s a tai-tai. She needs her air-conditioning, individual toilet and utter silence (light sleeper). I want to be able to help chip in for that.

I generally don’t like shopping that much but I also realise that I don’t track my finances carefully enough. So now I will. And I will not waste good money on frivolous things anymore. For example, getting eyelash extensions (because I don’t know how to put on mascara) and having most of the lashes fall out by the end of the week.


One Response to “Bread and butter”

  1. LG Says:

    hey, most of us are way off our retirement targets anyway..cos we can barely keep up with expenses now… my financial advisor told me to try to put aside more when we can bonus, pay rise etc..that’s what he’s doing himself..he’s way off his own target too.

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