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Singapura September 20, 2008

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While at a Tall Hotel, I saw a scene which reminded me of the song:

Singapura, O Singapura
Sunny island set in the sea
Singapura, O Singapura
Pretty flowers bloom for you and me

Still set in the sea but the sea was so packed with ships and cranes (on reclaimed land that was once sea).

Pretty flowers still there, though most appear due to urban-planned artificial propagation.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the balcony, people below are getting busy for a noisy zoom zoom race. Yet another thing to dispel this dreamy notion of that Singapura song I used to sing (with belief) as a child.


2 Responses to “Singapura”

  1. LG Says:

    Now that you mentioned it..”sunny island set in the sea”… for some [not so] strange reason, i always thot the lyrics were “TINY island set in the sea” …

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