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I Belong September 9, 2008

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During Shar’s ROM a few months ago, Dawn told me about how she wrote a song after hearing our church wedding message given by Pastor Wendy.

I think there’s something very nurturing about Pastor Wendy’s ministry. She may not give the most theologically verbose sermons on earth, or organise things nicely in PowerPoint form, but she never fails to touch people with her heartfelt, Godfelt thoughts.I have seen (and experienced) her pray for people and they (usually females) cry even if she says the simplest of words.

And in this case, God used her to touch the musically-talented Dawn to write and sing a very special, comforting song. What a beautiful ripple of blessings this has been.

I Belong
I’m just
a sentimental freak
Standing at the crossroad of hello and goodbye
The further I walk the deeper I’m lost
Where do I begin
Where do I begin

Give me a home where I belong
Somewhere this wild heart can stop running and breath
I need a place to end this insanity
Bring me back again
To where you begin

Cos I belong, I belong to you
I belong, I belong to you
You’ve given me the sweetest hope that I could hold on to
You’ve given me eternity in my heart
In my heart

I’ve found a place to lay my head
A sweet salvation for this darkest hour
I would have lost heart unless I’d believed
In your loving goodness
In this broken world

I had to throw my faith in something I could not see
When I believed in what seemed like emptiness
You gave me security

You can view a video of Dawn performing this song here.


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