mental indigestion

The Days September 4, 2008

Filed under: Kay poh recommendations — mel @ 12:10 pm

When two funny friends (and incidentally, both did our wedding photography) are featured in a movie (made by other other funny friends) as a lao beng (old gangster) and mental patient respectively, you know an objective review is not coming your way. But really, it’s such a fun film to watch, I now wish I had an Ah Beng boyfriend in secondary school (now if only I wasn’t so scared of boys then).

Besides taking fantastic wedding pictures, Anthony Levi Kho  displays a remarkable affinity to acting, dancing and even choreography. Sibeh got talent one lor. And with some really slick production and genuine Bengs whom I actually heard audition (i.e. cursing a lot in Hokkien) two years ago in D’s old office, it makes a really sweet gangster movie (and I never knew I could call a gangster movie sweet).

I  will leave you with the handphone teaser which I think best captures the essence of the film.


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