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Chicken Rice Memories July 6, 2008

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Image courtesy of Singapore Food Festival

Image courtesy of Singapore Food Festival

While attending the opening ceremony of the Singapore Food Festival, I met an old friend whose friends were a bunch of food bloggers who were just so hardworking about reviewing the dishes and making sure all their pictures turned out pretty. I guess I should do a little local promotion here too. This year’s festival focus is on “Top Ten Must-Try Local Dishes” – all in the good cause of promoting heritage and tourism. (I am bugged by “Must-Try”, just like how I am bugged by “Can-Do” and “Win-Win”) Here’s a recollection of my favourite dish of the lot: Chicken Rice, brought to you by those lovely culinary-inclined migrants from Hainan Island.

Brown paper, styrofoam boxes, white spoon, little chilli sauce packets ready to burst, sticky black sauce drizzled chocolate fudge style. Campfires, cheap dates, sweaty suppers after Zouk, lazy Sunday afternoons, every Thursday dinner at home, first meal to eat after returning from random ang moh country, last resort dinner after late work night. One good stall near gong-gong’s house, high class one at Chatter Box, homemade in Melbourne with rusty rice cooker and magic Prima Deli paste. Ju only eats the skin, sis only eats the rice, D. needs roasted pork, mum likes extra organs, dad asks for an egg. My default order: shao ji xiong fan da bao. Resentful when there’s baby kai lan added. Bonus points for soup that does not taste like dishwater with MSG. First dish to discover cucumbers aren’t bad, especially dunked in chicken fat oil. First dish to think of when homesick. Last dish to think of because of “evil-hormones-that-make-9yearolds-grow-breasts”. Still love you even if there’s less of you these days in my life.


6 Responses to “Chicken Rice Memories”

  1. wes Says:

    i can smell the chicken rice while reading your post.

    your writing’s batta than the picture. =)

  2. Tym Says:

    Yup, agree with Wes.

    This makes for an interesting approach to a food-art project …

  3. w Says:

    tym, eh… that’s a great idea. the word/image juxtaposition is quite interesting.

  4. melch Says:

    Oooh if you guys ever want to take this project seriously, count me in. It would be great to have this collective food memories with pictures of these dishes. For some strange reason, I am also seeing pictures of people at hawker centres, one leg on stool, eating with mouth wide open (show bits of masticated food in tasteful manner) going very well with such reflections 😉

  5. w Says:

    great idea. the stuff you wrote in italics really brings out the flavor, it’s reads a bit like poetry (to me la). pitch this thing to the right pple and it will fly me thinks. =)

  6. jaton Says:

    i love this post. the funniest part was the bit about a 9 year old that grew breasts, right after all those nice reflections.

    now, you should really go to manila, try all the seemingly exotic fare, and make a memory out of it!

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