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Adjusting April 16, 2008

Filed under: Life in general — mel @ 11:26 pm

There were so many things I had hoped to record down here but haven’t had the chance to:

…the 2nd hen’s night (abi, maye-e, can pass some of the more respectable pics can? thanks!)

…how I might have knocked down two worried-looking emu birds, which really is the most surreal driving experience in the world

…how sembawang is a pretty friendly estate with very nice policemen and concerned hawkers

However, I have been a little pre-occupied with:

…housework, why is there so much dust all the time? Siong.

…trying to get a PMSish washing machine to work (now working with a new motor finally alleluia). Medium siong.

…trying to figure out what the new work scope is all about without ripping hair apart. Uber siong.

And everytime I go anywhere beyond Yishun, I feel like I’ve crossed a couple of time zones. Jean, I realise you are my only extreme Northerner friend (at least for now)…shall we pay each other visits soon?


One Response to “Adjusting”

  1. Abigael Says:

    Awwwwwww …. soon soon … the pics are in a CD waiting for you 😉

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