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An eye bagful February 24, 2008

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Yesterday, my facial auntie solemnly declared that she has never seen my eye bags so dark and puffy before and slopped on a whole bunch of stuff she usually doesn’t apply, followed by an eyebag massage which was a very surreal experience. If anyone else has been through that, could you share what yours was like with me? Anyway, judging by my black face and bad skin, she delicately chose not to ask me about my wedding yesterday, which is something she has been very kay poh about the last year or so, right down to what D. would be wearing (she likes his skin a lot).

However, there are a lot of other people, with good intentions I’m sure,  who ask me whether I am excited about the wedding. Well, I am looking forward to being married to a guy I love, but not so much all the fruity pomp and ceremony that has to go along with it. To be really honest, what I am most looking forward to is getting away from all this craziness with the long honeymoon (more like refuge) to Melbourne. Some friends have been really supportive and helpful and I’m really touched by that, and occasionally my family reveals moments of trying to go along with things, which I know takes a lot out of them so I must be grateful. And I really do love looking at Martha Stewart magazines now, their aesthetics actually cheer me up.

However, what I really cannot wait to be rid off:

– all that admin work. I long for my life to go back to just one simple, to-list with less than 10 items

– being expected to be girly. I really don’t know how to describe the gowns other than one is white, one is blue and I like ‘ em. I really don’t want to use roses for the wedding. I really don’t want to wear Auntie Y’s humongous family heirloom bling bling necklace and if I lose it, I lose my head as well. I really cannot wait to cut my hair off the day after the wedding.

– The Elders changing their minds every two days or so and adding a couple of drastic, last minute changes which send us all into a frenzy

Uncle was right.


2 Responses to “An eye bagful”

  1. Amelia Says:

    Can only imagine what you’re going through…so are both of you going to migrate to Melbourne after that?

  2. Lianne Says:

    Be grateful no major spiritual issues to contend with! As in the really faith testing showdown sort.

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