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Balancing Act February 11, 2008

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Let's hope the mothers never see this (2)

Over the CNY break, we had a sort-of photo shoot at our new place and my grandpa’s old place for about half a day with D’s friend, Ming (thanks Ming!). This was after a request was fielded by the elders that we needed a portrait shot of some sort at the reception tables (how can we not have pictures blah blah blah….)

It was kind of fun, but mostly very exhausting. D. says that usually, it is the woman’s hiaoness that will carry the couple through a full day of tramping around the whole of Singapore, followed by studio shots with glaring lights. These BTBs (bride-to-bes) are intent to get as many pweety, sweetie shots as possible.

For me, the fake eyelashes were really annoying the hell out of me, so after an hour, I was kind of looking forward for it to be over (it was a really hot day and there were large and medium format cameras involved). However, I also know that Ming takes really interesting pictures so if anything, I am curious as to what kind of images he will come up with. Well, these two here are just some of the silly ones which the old fogeys will NOT see. Nyah nyah.

Let's hope the mothers never see this (1)


8 Responses to “Balancing Act”

  1. eunice Says:

    wah mel… u look gorgeous n the new place looks great!

  2. Amelia Says:

    Mel!! For a moment i was wondering who’s that girl in the picture! And your place really looks very very good!

  3. melch Says:

    eunice: thanks for your kind words. keep me posted about etienne and all yah?

    amelia: will send you contractor’s contacts soon!

  4. olduvai Says:

    Great photos! Cute dress!

  5. caedmon Says:

    cute pix! and i was jus wondering whether D would decide to shoot his wedding pix himself. HAHA. that would be…fascinating!

  6. Jean Says:

    Love these shots, Mel. Can’t wait to see more at your wedding! 🙂 (And ya I need to buy Alison’s dress!!!!)

  7. ed Says:

    hi! was blog surfing and dropped by your blog! your house looks fantastic! it’s such a bookworm’s dream…

    would it be rude if i asked you for your contractor’s contact?

    thanks so much!

  8. adeline Says:

    Hi there!
    I love love luuurrrvvveee your bookshelf!
    Do you mind sharing your contractor’s details as well as where you got your chairs from please? I’ve been trying to look for similar chairs but unsuccessful so far.
    Thanks a million!

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