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The Festive Alarm Bells of CNY February 8, 2008

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CNY 2008

As usual, I witnessed the usual barrage of inappropriateness this CNY from my mum’s nosy, matriarchal family. I swear, it must be their childhood of living together all in one big household – there just doesn’t seem to be a sense of boundaries of any sort.

“Ah X ah, good you wear long top, makes you look less fat.”

“Why you must get Thai-Japanese girlfriend? You know Thais are just after your money.”

“Wah, your two sons look so different! One so prosperous and one so scraw- skinny.”

“Mimi [the dog] fang pi [let out gas], not me” *peals of hysterical laughter*

“See, see, A give her first paycheck to her parents, you never give me anything!”

We had to practically engineer a game of bridge so a certain poor male cousin could make an escape from an 8-odd auntie squad interrogating him KGB style on why he did not want to get married. And poor sweet Zachary (pictured here with my sis in more peaceful times) was wailing and drooling in indignation as he was passed round from one loud, clicking female to another.

On the bright side, because my mum did ALL the talking related to the pending wedding thing (including invitation distribution, recruiting cousin helpers even though I specifically told her I did not require any more help, and what kind of renovations we did for our new place), I was pretty much spared from the general nosyness that prevailed and managed to read half of Shutterbabe (a trashy story, but still much better than listening to which kid got into GEP and which poor offspring is going to be coerced into medicine).

Only at CNY. I don’t think I would find it funny at all if it was more than once a year.


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