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Vanilla’s Valentines Story January 31, 2008

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(Taken from Vanilla Magazine, Feb 2008, p.31)

Last December, I agreed to take on this “Love of a Lifetime” story assignment for the Valentine’s issue of Vanilla magazine. Even though it was smack during the Christmas period and I was really hoping to enjoy the precious work leave I had, I decided to take it on because well, I felt I could do with good marriage advice. Logistical nightmare aside, I had a great time listening to the stories  of these four couples (married between 6-50 years).  Also, this really beats 1960s Stepford Housewives type marriage prep classes hands down. Some snippets:

“I think the concept of ‘me’ should just disappear if one is planning to settle down.” – Tan Kong Wee

“Love is a decision, not a feeling.” – Raoul Sequeira

“It brings me joy when I see my husband just being himself, all happy and childlike.” – Sharon Han

“She has created so many beautiful memories for me.” – Han Kian Kwang

Do check out the story!


2 Responses to “Vanilla’s Valentines Story”

  1. Joan Says:

    Will check it out! 🙂 The quotes are lovely.

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