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Security advice January 10, 2008

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The security guards are a chummy bunch, and over the last few months have said some strange things to me:

– “Why you never cover your laptop? Very expensive leh.”

– “Why you never play tennis anymore?”

– “Must book on Sunday midnight.” [for the high-in-demand tennis court which can only be booked within the same week]

– “How come your colleagues stay so near you?” [I cab-pool with two others in the condo next to mine]

– “Why you walk in the rain? Can get sick leh.”

– “Need one more. Give us more.” [When I gave them my leftover, rather expensive slices of chocolate salami roll from Valentino’s]

Actually, I realize this isn’t security advice at all…more like rather nosy interrogation (and a bit of greed). Incidentally, they have this HUGE resource book that contains everything from maid agencies to Chinese tuition teachers.

And I am just writing this to distract myself from the fact that everything has been fast forwarding the minute 2008 peeked round the corner.



3 Responses to “Security advice”

  1. Joan Says:

    I totally agree with you about the fast forwarding!!!

  2. slumbering girl Says:

    hey mel, thanks for your ashes-to-roses encouragement on my blog. 🙂

  3. melch Says:

    joan: u take care gal! rest when you have to ok?

    slumbering: hey your writing encourages me, so it’s just hu(4)xiang(1) urm, encourage lor.

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