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Wanted: A nice-looking lunch, not like this one here January 3, 2008

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2nd Jan 2008

After countless pairs of mouldy wooden chopsticks, an MSG overload, a cockroach scare and first/second hand accounts of upset tummies, I decided that I had enough of hazardous canteen food and would bring my own work lunch this year.

What you see here is grey pesto pasta with capsicums and a sprinkling of (bottled) herbs. Its drabby demeanor is not due to my bad cooking, but this is actually twirly pasta made of buckwheat (gluten-free! wheat free!) , which I later discovered, makes you go to the toilet in a good way (if you know what I mean).

However, it’s really quite bland. So I had some chocolate after that.

Which I guess, overall, is still better than canteen food.

However, I so need to think of a better work lunch menu if I hope to carry this on long term. Ideas, anyone?


5 Responses to “Wanted: A nice-looking lunch, not like this one here”

  1. olduvai Says:

    Try couscous (I love that you don’t have to boil it) with cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and olives (or capers). Salt (it needs a fair bit of salt) and pepper it, add a good serving of extra virgin olive oil and squeeze some lemon juice (and if you want more lemony taste, add some zest). Or add some edamame (shelled that is) to your pasta, and fresh herbs (I always think fresh basil really livens up a dish, and so does coriander).

  2. poopie Says:

    looks similar to what my mom eats daily for dinner…:(

  3. accordingtoaccordions Says:


    Anyway, try sprinkling basil or parsley onto your pasta. The herbs will give it that “kick.”

    Try diced onions and tomatoes, along with a hint of pepper for a zesty feel.

  4. melch Says:

    olduvai: thanks for the recipe, i love cous cous and this dish sounds yummy 🙂

    bunnie (i am the poopie): yes it’s the same brand of pasta!

    acctoacc: thanks for the tips!

  5. bunnie Says:

    ya hor…u da poopie…sorry blurry saturday…hehe…

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