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A new approach to New Year’s resolutions January 1, 2008

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22 Dec 2007 (b)

So while I resolved to take a photo a day, I only managed to snap 115 out of the targetted 365 images. The rest of my 2006 resolutions have generally gone along the same direction as this partially accomplished photo project and so I don’t think I would want to be too specific about what I hope to achieve in the year ahead.

I happily stumbled upon Douglas Coupland’s NY Times blog (great read! cool pics!) and here’s a quote which aptly summarizes my  generalish direction for 2008:

It’s about getting older and watching opportunities vanish and realizing you have to hustle or you’re going to be stuck in Loserland the rest of your life. 

So here’s to more hustling (in moderate, legal amounts with sufficient sleep included) in the year ahead!


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