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Shalala December 28, 2007

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28th Dec 2007

So yes, it’s been the season of meeting many, many people. And I have been getting increasingly cranky, especially with yesterday’s killer schedule of a painful doctor’s visit, meeting 4 different groups of people (fun but blurry), getting bathroom fixtures and assorted textiles and yelling at bohchap sales people. Today was the time for much-needed winding down and I went to visit (finally after dunno how many years of weshouldmeets) my primary school friend Woollendrums. We spent a quiet afternoon eating yummy Eastern hawker food and witnessing her 16-month-old daughter perform impressive baby stunts like recognizing written words and snorting with disdain after a good poop.

A short recap of Sher for my reference:

Mid 1980s: Lower primary days: She cried when the school nurse told her she had to wear glasses. But later, she came to class wearing some funky pink (or blue?) specs and I felt envious and deliberately read in dim light so as to be four-eyed too. Upper primary: we were in the same group and formed some kind of water bottle gang. We sincerely thought our liquid storage units were real people.

Late 80s to early 90s: Wrote letters regularly to each other on cute Japanese stationery. Tried to copy her handwriting which was/is super duper cutesy and neat lor.

1996-1997: We ended up being sort-of JC classmates and I remember she really tried to help me deal with teengage angst by bringing me back to church/God and directly/indirectly helping me find my ground again sort of.

1998-2007: Randomly bump into each other in assorted places. Randomly stumble upon each other’s blogs.

So as much as I have had an overdose of humans, it was nice to meet the GSS (Ger, Sher and Sha) unit.


3 Responses to “Shalala”

  1. Sher Says:

    awww, glad you still had a good time despite the human-being overdose! 🙂 aiyar, so pai-seh peekcher so big some more! But yes, I almost forgot about the water-bottle antics!! Goodness! And I didn’t know you liked my ginormous pink plastic glasses!!! O_O

  2. Pinny Says:

    sher still looks 16! she looks like she’s holding someone else’s kid!

    oh i don’t wanna grow up!

  3. melch Says:

    hee pinny i’m sure sher would be happy to read this.
    but yes, time is passin’ passin’ passin’ whether we like it or not.
    i guess, if anything, there is always a choice to behave in a childlike manner, no?

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