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Listmaker I am not December 22, 2007

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21 Dec 2007 (a)

I usually pride myself on managing my “Things to do” list pretty ok (what with the anal Time Management course I attended circa 2004) but now I am simply getting confused all the time. I realise I need to have 4 different lists now in the following categories – work, house, wedding and personal stuff. They are all kind of overlapping and I am getting very very confused.

I bought my Christmas thingamajigs in dribs and drabs simply because my present list was scribbled in assorted places and I forgot where I wrote them. Please forgive me if you think I bought you a really crap present or I forgot to buy you one.

The wedding to-do list seems very intimidating to consolidate. My evening gown is undergoing a sudden revamp, there is maybe a sort-of photoshoot happening after all and there is much haggling/logistics to be settled in the coming weeks, some of which I am probably unaware of at the moment.

California dude Thoeng was in town a few days ago with his gal Suki and I was particularly impressed with their extensive 2-point font list of “Things to eat/places to visit” in Singapore – they even indicated the number of times they had eaten a particular dish and where they had partaken of the food . I guess there is some good in learning accountancy after all.


One Response to “Listmaker I am not”

  1. bunnie Says:

    merry christmas poopie!! 😀

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