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Growing Pains December 6, 2007

Filed under: Life in general — mel @ 4:46 pm

It’s been about 2 years of being surrounded by youths who do strange things, and other than feeling rather old in their company, I also have started to think about my younger days. And boy, was I a funny creature too.

No gory details here, but to sum up my follies:

Too much $$ spent on  pass-it-on cards. Too many “Stay cool and funky! Friends forever!” sign-offs.

Oh, what desire for acceptance and delusion can do to a person’s level of judgement and sincerity.


2 Responses to “Growing Pains”

  1. Sher Says:

    oh man, PASS IT ONS!!!! I have a tonne in a big shoebox somewhere 🙂 Some from you too!

  2. Joan Says:

    I forgot about the pass it on cards! Yeah, I spent too much money on them too! Hahaha….

    I can’t believe you’ve been teaching for 2 years. It seems like just yesterday when you told me that you were starting work there.

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