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Emma at Age 3 November 27, 2007

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She likes Elmo, chocolate candy and orange soap.

She likes to pull her Dora the Explorer underwear as high up her waist as possible.

She likes to recklessly drive her toy car around and almost collide into people for the thrills.

She sings in perfect pitch and rhythm. Her favourite song is Jesus Loves Me.

She is very specific in how she wants you to play with her, even to the point of bossing and scolding. “You must stand behind me and you must play chasing with me and you must look at the ball all the time.”

She calls me Auntie because I see so little of her that she does not know I am her Godma.

And when I left today during her bath, I got a call from her (post-bath) screeching over the phone, “You cannot just leave like that you know! You cannot just go home like that you know!” And so she saw me all the way to my doorstep with the promise that I will play with her for a longer period the next time.

UPDATE (after more screechy phone calls): She killed a cockroach. She likes shopping. She feels she has too many toys. She is practicing her Flower Girl thang and told me “I am SO cute, you know“.


4 Responses to “Emma at Age 3”

  1. amarilarecha Says:

    OK, random stranger comment … On the note of her referring to you as “Auntie” rather than “Godma”–that’s usually a matter of how her parents refer to you. I always called my Godparents “Uncle” and “Aunt,” because that’s how my parents would speak of them to me.

    My “Uncle” Stan (not really an uncle, but my Godfather) was eventually ordained as a priest, and I still call him “Uncle Stan,” even though it would probably be more proper to call him “Father” now.

    But if you really want her to call you “Godma,” you could always reinforce it by signing cards that way. *shrug*

    … and I’ll go back to minding my own business now. 🙂

  2. melch Says:

    Her parents do tell her that I am “Godma”, but because I visit so infrequently, she calls me Auntie (as how most children address adults, even adult strangers, here). However, the signing off in a card thing is a good idea! Thanks 🙂

  3. Grammer Hammer Hammy Says:

    I recently learnt that being a God parent means that you have the responsibility entrusted by the living parents to take care of their children should the parents pass-on (die).

    This is a shocker to me cos I thgt that being God parents means bigger ang paos during chinese new year and extra big presents during b’days and Christmas. — It was on this basis that I chose Hansen’s GodPa. Had I known, I would have been more careful with my selection!!!

  4. melch Says:

    yes, i knew that a long time ago. but, i never really thought about the responsibility until recently, when emma’s dad went through some major health problems. so that is why now i really wanna connect more with her by talking to her on the phone, even if i can’t really meet her as often as i would like.

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