mental indigestion

Wants and want nots November 23, 2007

Filed under: Life in general — mel @ 8:32 pm

The Wish List: 

– A smallish digital cam. My Nikon one died, D’s Ricoh one cracked (it wasn’t me) and now I suddenly miss cam-whoring. I guess there will be no more Project 365 too.

– A crowd-free shopping day to pick up all I  am supposed to get.

Banished from my life: 

Media Development Authority’s Corporate Rap. While highly entertaining and provided many a giggle, it is quite disturbing to think think these are the people trying to raise Singapore into a “world-class” (shudder) media hub. “Yes yes y’all, we don’t stop, get creative can do (shudder) rock on!” 

– Tuna carpaccio and blue cheese. The former made me run to the toilet at least 20 times the last two days and the latter was all I could think about while bordering on puking my guts out.


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