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Blur Block Building November 3, 2007

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On a brighter note, things have finally kicked off and our Northern home is resembling a sandpit. Witness D’s meticulous planning and chronicling of the renovation process, the only possible reason why he would ever blog. I will drop notes here and there too occasionally.

Journey to the North


5 Responses to “Blur Block Building”

  1. wesjo Says:

    hey hey,

    honestly, i am super impressed by the way you guys have meticulously planned/designed/executed the renovation process… hmm… calling it renovation is an understatement. you are now my benchmark in home redecoration. =)

  2. melch Says:

    ha i am not the meticulous one..;)

  3. Sher Says:

    I love Montreal! Didn’t even know Sg had a place named after the city. I have some amateurish photos from my work trip there if you want?!! hahah! I doubt so. Anyway, your reno looks very promising, since you have an arty-type hubby and one who is ok with floral wallpaper!!! LUCKY GAL YOU ARE!

  4. melch Says:

    I would love to go to the real Montreal one day, perhaps for the Jazz Festival or something *wistful sigh* Tell me about your experiences there! Yes I am lucky, coz I really dunno much about interior design stuff!

  5. Grammer Hammer Hammy Says:

    U have a balcony!!! I am soooo envious….

    Even though the only reason why I want a balcony is to smoke and look out the window while smoking……..WHICH is impossible becos my wife had gazetted my home as a non-smoking area.

    Maybe I can use yours….=P…….hehehe just kidding lah.

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