mental indigestion

Working it off October 24, 2007

Filed under: Mopey mops — mel @ 11:42 pm

Work was never meant to be a bad thing. Work brings out one’s strength and develops one’s passion. Work brings the bacon home. Work provides one with opportunities to be in touch with the outside world. Work broadens mindsets and brings us new friends. Work makes us feel useful and gives a sense of purpose and satisfaction in life. Work is something you do while you whistle happily.

However, we human beings are just too good in screwing things up.  This is what work also has the potential to become in modern-day life:

– a bloody warzone of bruised egos and blatant injustice

– a sweatshop cleverly disguised as a “golden career path”

– a health hazard

– where we sell out so we can bring the bacon home: bacon too expensive these days

– a place where people become commodities and networking is ultimately shopping  for useful contacts

– a destroyer of relationships: no time, no energy, no patience, no life…enough said.

– a transformer: generally brings out the worst in most people.

Work. What a double-edged sword.


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