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Strange day September 22, 2007

Filed under: Life in general — mel @ 11:49 pm

22nd Sept 2007

A furniture shop with a cock as the greeter.

A supremely annoying kid behind me at the cinema who keeps reading out the English subtitles before the lines are actually being said.

An Italian restaurant filled to the brim with Tibetan monks.

A birthday boy who blasts late 90s music, doubles up as the emcee and gives the entire hotel a running commentary of what birthday presents he has received.


One Response to “Strange day”

  1. caedmon aka slumbering girl Says:

    yo mel, saw ur comment on me blog. yeah God is good 🙂 i have my moments lah, but it’s been good, very good, thus far. on a separate note, when i saw your Poh Keh, i thought of 881. hahaha.

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