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Catching my breath September 2, 2007

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31st Aug 2007

Life’s not bad. But I have been a little breathless of late because:

– I took a First Aid course and ended up hyperventilating slightly while administering CPR.

– I learned Balloon Sculpting (see above) and also ended up hyperventilating a bit after laughing too much over lewd jokes about blowing long balloons.

– I fell sick and the asthma has returned in full force, which generally makes me breathless about anything quite easily.

– No matter what, at some point, the pace of life here will always get me flabbergasted and catching for breath: what’s the point of all this rush? Why do I feel so strongly inclined to be a 150% efficient robot who’s online 24 hours a day?

– Hokkien love songs from local movie 881 are breathtaking! The Ming Zhu sisters are like super Billie Holidays lor!


One Response to “Catching my breath”

  1. Spud Says:

    hey melly!
    I watched 881 on sat night and fond myself humming the hokkien song the whole night! sms-ed my friend who was part of the production to congratulate him and he asked me to go buy soundtrack…think this movie will do well overseas 🙂

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