mental indigestion

Ivana’s Curse August 23, 2007

Filed under: Life in general — mel @ 4:20 pm

It all started with a particular colleague (code name: Ivana) labelling me as a “lady of leisure” for no apparent reason except I was playing with my dangly PAPER earrings during a meeting.

But now that there is a break from grubby teenagers for a couple of weeks, I have the sudden urge to purge myself by going for a hot stone massage, a nice minty body scrub and some much-needed beautification on my hangnailed fingers and stained (shoes got wet and colour ran, sheesh), calloused toes. Oh and something for the hair too…keeping it long is driving me crazy!

And my wardrobe! Sigh, I never knew I could say this…but I need to do some shoppin’.

And it’s all Ivana’s fault.


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