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Old things August 5, 2007

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3rd Aug 2007

Why does the past seem so much sweeter and more charming? Do we subconsciously believe that this world is on a decline, hence the old ways are now being embraced as hip and cute? And then again, there are so still so many forgotten relics and people who have turned to dust, blown away into oblivion.

The last few days of packing, garage-sale clearing and visiting antique shops has brought about this bout of retrospection. What I’ve learned: people are by nature wasteful, people collect strange things to make life more interesting, and people attach certain memories to select objects, usually of no economic value. I feel slightly fretful for the state of storerooms and rubbish sites around the world – they seem beyond any kind of inventory.

Hoarding aside, Maye-e and I had some old food in the form of a mouldy chocolate cake a few days ago (she initally thought they were blueberries). Apparently, certain people believe that eating mouldy food is like a natural form of pencillin, which I suppose is good (though green mould, I googled out, is considered more toxic than white mould). I’m glad Nate chose to remain angelically silent during that moment of revelation, because we were wailing quite a bit and felt nauseous and gross the whole night (possibly psychomatic).

Don’t mind me if I spring musrooms out of my nostrils one of these days.


2 Responses to “Old things”

  1. screamingmango Says:

    I could only guess that old stuff, places we’ve been to, songs remembed, even familiar smells hold a certain degree of memories attached to it, ergo the fondness it draws from us. Ei, you’ve written quite a lot of stuff here, I might drop by again soon. Thank you!

  2. melch Says:

    There comes a time where old stuff has gotta go, hence why anique/second hand shops are always overflowing! I wonder what it’s like for our memories, more like they stay huh, which is why we get more forgetful as we get older.

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