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A fairytale memory August 2, 2007

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So today I dug out this personalised storybook called “Me, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” while packing. I absolutely loved this book and was inseparable from it when I was younger. I even had this deluded perception that I really had gone through these adventures with Dopey and company, just that I had been too sleepy and had forgotten what transpired during my time in the Magical Forest (entirely possible). The best part of the story is where Snow White is making pies for the dwarves and one of the pies has my name on it:


Then Melanie helped Snow White make eight little berry pies with sugared crusts. Snow White put the pies on the windowsill to cool.

I’ve been wishing to jump into a fairytale. The goodies overcome all kinds of shit, the baddies have bad skin, and becoming a hero is as simple as spitting out a rotten piece of apple.

But of course, life ain’t Disney. Never was, and never will be.

To take cue from the last page of this beloved (and probably overpriced) fairytale:

Then it was time for Melanie to go home. All the dwarfs kissed her goodbye. Dopey had a tear in his eye. Melanie touched the bright pink worm…and she was home again!

Back to reality.


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