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Home sweet home June 28, 2007

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28 Jun 2007

We got the keys today! And even though the dust, heat and top neighbours’ bedsheet invading the balcony got to me, I am also gratefully delighted. Sure, there will be tiffs on how many mirrors 2 people possibly need, and what colour the wardorbes should be (no frosted glass please), but at the end of the day, I am just thanking the Big Guy for a home to call my own.


8 Responses to “Home sweet home”

  1. bunnie Says:

    congrats poopiee…now is this ya new home with mom or with dairie boi? can’t wait till i have my own place…sigh…

  2. wes Says:

    congrats to you and mr! 🙂 wes

  3. Nobody Important Says:

    Congratulations! Nice photo too

  4. melch Says:

    bunnie: this is the home with DB 🙂
    Wes and NI: Thanks for your well wishes.

  5. lianne Says:

    Congrats! It sure is nice to own something of your own and be able to choose everything, down to the colour of your sheets.

  6. Joan Says:

    Where is your new place?

  7. LG Says:

    Congrats.. can hardly wait to see your interior deisgn (wink) 🙂

  8. […] a brighter note, things have finally kicked off and our Northern home is resembling a sandpit. Witness D’s meticulous planning and chronicling of the renovation […]

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