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Snail Mail June 17, 2007

Filed under: Whee! — mel @ 9:38 am

I have been slowly packing my things in batches for the Great Move in 2 months’ time. Today, I allocated a small little box for old letters. I just can’t believe how we all used to write  so many letters to each other. Some  notable notes:

Andrew ( on  organge organizer paper): “Oh no, you’re 18 today and I STILL haven’t found you an ideal guy yet! Never fear for AnTan will continue searching!”

Sheryl (on a really sweet card with some poem that says Nobody’s Perfect):  “I’m not sure why, but I just wanted to give this to you.”

Eps (autograph book): “Even though we will be in different JCs, I’ve told Sharlene that I will definitely make it to your school’s MID AUTUMN FESTIVAL yah??” (She did eventually.)

Buckle Juniors (on green paper): “We would really like to pinch your rosy cheeks!”

Pearlyn (sparkly blue card with a curvy girl drawing that does not resemble me): “We are soooooooooo…. old!” (on 21st birthday)

Ngiam (markers of every colour): “Here are some furry stickers, rub them and you will feel better!”

Lincoln (on Mao Zedong postcard): “You are nice except for your phelgmatic sighing.” (?)

Cody (on big birthday card with furry little cotton balls): “You are a sexy bitch.”


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