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Unpicking June 6, 2007

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Being rather invalid today due to a bad tummy, I attempted to do some needlework because I didn’t want to look at the computer and I had no more books/DVDs left to consume.  Embroidery Expert Jean (who incidentally has just launched a fancy cross-stitch website called Needle Little Love, it’s cute!) posted me a little set of somethin-somethin  a few days ago (thanks Jean!). With great enthusiasm, I embarked on this little project. Ten minutes later, I was cursing the holey piece of cloth, remembering why I didn’t like doing those felt/denim letter holders and  tacky bermudas for home economics classes *shudder*
1) I am terrible with details. (There is a difference between light green and pale green after all)

2) I am terribly  impatient.

3) I HATE unpicking. Especially if I don’t have a proper unpicker. (Um, is that what they are called?)

I resisted my Grave Green Error for a while…but in the end, I could not live with monotone leaves. So…snip poke snarl.

Undoing. Should appreciate the chance to try again rather than crankily stabbing my bed with the needle.


2 Responses to “Unpicking”

  1. eunice Says:

    You just need(le) more practice 🙂

  2. slowstitcher Says:

    I hate unpicking too! Hope you’ve made some progress since this entry, and feeling good about it 🙂

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