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Undeserving April 22, 2007

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I was in a crabby mood yesterday. You know, that kind of mood where you feel mildly uncomfortable in your own skin, and for some strange reason, you crave to do some form of extreme sport, just so you can get out of your skin for a while and ventilate your soul a bit? (Ok, um, if you don’t know, never mind.)

So yes, I was crabby, despite being spoilt rotten. Steve (my favourite restauranteur from Broth), for absolutely no reason at all except that he is a kind and sweet soul, prepared a gourmet picnic for us – the menu as follows: 1) Baby spinach and portobello mushroom salad with raspberry vinaigrette, crab meat and avocado (pic above) 2) Fresh ricotta ravioli with fresh herbs and salmon caviar 3) Chocolate banana cake and muscato jelly. Totally underserving, to be bestowed the best picnic of my life, and yet I was grumpy as hell.

Nate (whom, may I clarify, is not my baby, but the offspring of funky mama Maye-e who knows that little people make me giggle) best encapsulates my general state of being:

20th Apr 2007

I hope I snap out of it soon.


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