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Old family treasures February 19, 2007

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18th Feb 2007

While at the old Sommerville house on the first day of Lunar New Year, I took notice of an old family portrait at the hallway. This picture has always been there, but nobody noticed it until I decided to take a picture-of-the-picture yesterday and my aunts all started giggling at how, well, young everyone was then when I zoomed in on the different faces in this photo. My mother is the little girl in the middle carrying an orange and has the shortest legs out of everyone in the first row. Her face, including the slight scowl, hasn’t really changed. Dua-Soh (Big Auntie) recalled how she had just sent my mother to the hairdressers for a perm and Ji-Soh (urm, Little Auntie?) had been pestered for many days to make that new dress my mother is wearing in the picture. Uncle David (to the left of my mother, with considerably more hair then) was wearing a long-sleeved silk shirt unlike the the rest in their starched cotton tops because his skin was extremely sensitive.


One Response to “Old family treasures”

  1. maye-e Says:

    hey i knew immediately that that little girl in the middle was prolly your mom even before reading the captions because i thought that that little girl looks exactly like you. or rather, you look exactly like that little girl.

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