mental indigestion

Working hazards February 8, 2007

Filed under: Life in general — mel @ 9:09 pm

1. After months of finding the water cooler water funny-tasting, my suspicions were finally confirmed when a colleague from the science department ran some pH indicator tests and discovered we are officially drinking pH10 water i.e. hand soap. It is 1.5L bottles of Ice Mountain for me from now onwards.

2.  The personalised offices have not been receiving air-con since um, the beginning. Today, when the vents finally cranked up, wasps and what looks like shreds of a bird’s nest came sputtering out of my neighbour’s office. It looked like a scene from some horror movie I watched when I was young where there were a lot of bees attacking some generic American city.  Awful guttural noises  could be heard, as if there is some huge build-up of wasp-colony-bird-nest stuck somewhere within the ventilation system. The maintenance people appear helpless. We are looking up nervously up our vent every few minutes now.

Please pray for safety and good health.


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