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It’s not just me January 27, 2007

Filed under: Kay poh recommendations — mel @ 8:32 pm

Nike spoof

I’ve been a horrible grouch during weekdays for the last three weeks. And while that makes me not terribly pleasant company, I realise that being grouchy makes me aware of what really gets my goat. First thing: too much shopping. Yes, really.

It’s been quite frustrating trying to explain to others this particular gripe – mostly because I’m not very good in expressing things rationally. I’ve always felt there’s something fundamentally wrong with this obsession for possession – buying things has never given me total contentment (though of course, some of the things I buy are needed), and too much of good things just makes one numb.

Finding this website through Keri’s blog is a godsend because the last few days, I’ve been feeling quite out of place of late. This website has managed to put everything I’ve been feeling across so well and more. And I will definitely be taking part in their Buy Nothing Day this year.


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