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Revival of the Grand Old Dame December 4, 2006

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For those of you in Singapore, the National Musem of Singapore will officially reopen soon (urm 8 Dec I think)! Very excited about it, partly because of the tiny role I played in chronicling history here, but mostly because it is a VERY cool place that combines oldie stuff and moderny stuff in a very palatable form.

Had a sneak preview over the weekend and seeing it in the (almost) complete form was wonderful. The Living Galleries have all kinds of cute artefacts and short films/multimedia presentations on photography, fashion, film and food. The History Gallery is like a massive historical theme park, with some tech gizmo called the Companion to take you through Singapore’s history. What stands out the most is how personal the History Gallery is, definitely not the inaccessible wax figures I used to see at Sentosa….but real-life accounts from all kinds of people telling their stories from the past. I saw some elderly men and women being really interested in the Defending (WWII) section of the gallery, and were telling their children/grandchildren, “这个是真的!” (This is the real shit!) and I think that is a real good sign.

Catch it soon! (And if you spot any spellos, let me know.)


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