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What I noticed today November 16, 2006

Filed under: Life in general — mel @ 7:40 pm
  • This lady’s toes starting to resemble cherry tomatoes while perched most uncomfortably on pointy, diamante-studded black heels. Where’s the sexy in it?
  • Student behind me on the bus: “I thought time would pass slower once I got to university, but no, it’s just going faster.” Just you wait kiddo.
  • Certain parts of town are getting, well, kinda arty and that ain’t a bad thing.
  • I’m becoming one of those annoying sit at the outer edge bus seats people because the blasts of air conditioning gives me a migraine. Sorry, I’m selfish 😦

2 Responses to “What I noticed today”

  1. Joan Says:

    Could never understand the red painted toenails bit either.

  2. melch Says:

    It was not just the red toe nails, but also the fact her toes were being squished by the tight shiny strap and the heels were so high that all the blood rushed to the toes, causing them to swell and be very red as well. Frightful.

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